Let’s hop on the Culinary Discovery Express

Cooking has always been a passion rooted deeply in me and while not professionally trained I always try to improve my skills by looking out for new ingredients, new ways to prepare them as well as combinations I’m not familiar with in how to bring them together. Over the years we have been fortunate enough with Lola to live in several countries with very different cooking cultures and discovered even more diversity through our travels in which food always takes the leading role.

To feed that curiosity further I thought it would be an interesting experiment to use our various explorations from the travel section and pick each destination as a starting point to explore local ingredients, recipes and cooking styles to create recipes connecting the incredible source of novelty that exists out there with the sum of everything we have been lucky to discover so far.

The cherry on the top would be to use this as an opportunity to connect with you to hear your ideas, improvement suggestions, techniques, traditional or modernist to share something even richer.

Let’s see where that leads us. First stop: Brazil!

1 comment on “Let’s hop on the Culinary Discovery Express

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